Protein Is The Most Important Nutrient. 6 Reasons Why You Need To Include Protein In Your Diet


Protein Is The Most Important Nutrient. 6 Reasons Why You Need To Include Protein In Your Diet

What if we tell you that protein is the most important nutrient that your body needs? Yes, ladies, it’s true! It’s not just needed for your muscle and bones, it has a lot to do with your health. And if you are deficient in protein, it might take a toll on your health in several ways. You might witness weight gain, lower bone density, hair fall, skin problems, a weak immune system, and much more!

Protein can be rightly termed the building block of life. We have all grown up hearing this. Haven't we? But do protein needs to change as you age? Well, we know a high-protein diet is important for everyone, especially for seniors. But before we discuss more it, let's first understand why protein is required for our body and how it is beneficial for our health.

Why is protein important? Humans can't survive without all nine essential amino acids. Protein is essential to building bones, and body tissues, such as muscles, but protein does much more than that. Protein participates in practically every process of a cell.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to include protein in your diet:


1. Controls appetite

Protein lowers the level of the hunger hormone ghrelin and boosts the levels of leptin, a fullness hormone. If you are looking to battle the bulge, just add adequate proteins with complex carbs and fats to your diet.

2. Builds muscle mass and strength

Protein helps you maintain your muscle mass by lowering the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

3. Promotes good bone health

If you have enough protein, you will be able to keep your bones strong and healthy, thereby avoiding osteoporosis.

4. Curbs food cravings

Do you find it difficult to control your cravings? Looking for various ways to beat your cravings? You need to include a good amount of protein in your diet. The right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats is important to achieve food control.

5. Boosts metabolism

A good amount of protein boosts metabolism and helps you burn enough calories.

6. Weight loss

Yes, protein-rich diets help one reduce cravings, thereby keeping you satiated for longer hours.

Here's why older adults require more protein than younger adults

Protein is one of the foundational nutrients that make up your body. In fact, every cell in your body relies on protein to function — skin, hair, nails, muscle, bones, and internal organs. Not just that, protein is also essential for healing, building, and repairing cells and body tissue. Without protein, your body starts to break down muscle mass and bone strength. All in all, be it getting in shape or boosting immunity, protein has a role to play in every aspect of our lives.

You can add these protein-rich foods to your daily diet,

Foods such as eggs, fish, milk and its products, chicken, lentils, chickpeas, green peas, soymilk, tofu, nuts and seeds, oats, broccoli, quinoa, spirulina, peanuts are great sources of protein, which can help you meet your ideal recommended dietary allowance.

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