The Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss


Anyone that goes to the gym religiously knows that you need to have protein powders in your life. Pre/post-workout shakes that’ll fuel you up with the nutrients you need to get those muscles bigger and stronger so you aren’t wasting your time. But if you’re looking to slim down while getting stronger, you also know that there’s a lot of protein powders out there that will just not help in the losing weight department.

A lot of protein powders don’t help in the weight loss game for a few reasons. One, a lot of them are packed to the gills with protein which will make your muscles grow. And when your muscles grow, your weight goes up. Not to mention a lot of them have a lot of calories, adding to the mass increase. And you also gotta take into account how much carbs and sugars can be found in each container, as those also bulk up the body.

That is why you need to find the right kind of protein powder for your needs. Something that is filled with the protein you need to improve those muscles, but also containers that aren’t too packed too tightly with calories or carbs and the like. That way you can get yourself a slim and trim body that is just as strong as you would be with a bulkier body.

We’ve gone ahead and actually found 5 of the best protein powders for weight loss. Each item is a winner that will do some great work in your workouts. But they were all picked for specific reasons, hitting specific goals, so you can choose which one works best for you. Want something without too much sugar? Got one of them. How about one that is vegan-friendly? Present and accounted for. So scroll on down and find the one that you need right now.

The Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

Dymatize Protein Powder

If you’re just looking for a quick blast of protein with no muss and no fuss to get your body packed with power, Dymatize has the protein powder for you. Not much else to be found in here that’ll screw up your workouts and your recovery.

Best for: Clean Protein 

Pros: Low in sugar and carbs to give you a clean boost of protein during your workouts 

Cons: More sodium then you may like and it’s pricier then most

Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein Powder

Want a protein powder that has the protein that’ll boost your muscles, but is mainly there to juice you up with energy? Then this Soy Protein Powder will get the job done, giving you a clean burst of energy that won’t leave you jittery or dealing with a sugar comedown.

Best for: Energizing 

Pros: Keep yourself energized during your workouts while getting the protein you need with none of the jitters 

Cons: Lower protein and a bit more carbs then you may want

Essential Protein Daily Shake 18+

Want to get yourself some lean muscle in time for the beach season that’s in front of us? Then pick up this protein shake that will help you build lean muscle while improving your bone strength and improving your focus.

Best For: Building Lean Muscle 

Pros: Plant based, clean, no sugar, and very effective at improving your muscles, brain, and bones 

Cons: Not for bulk weight gain

BiPro Bold Whey & Milk Protein Powder

If a low-fat protein powder is what you are looking for, then BiPro has the protein powder for you. It may not be as packed with protein as others on the list, but it has no fat at all and a very low-calorie count so you won’t gain too much mass using this.

Best for: Low Fat 

Pros: Low calories and not a single gram of fat to be found in this powder 

Cons: Lower protein content than others

Vega Sport Premium Protein Powder

Vegans need to find the protein powder that works for them, ie protein powder made with protein from non-animal-based sources. And you can get that here, with a strong blast of protein made from Peas without too many calories and a great flavor profile.

Best for: Vegans 

Pros: Low calories, vegan-friendly protein powder that tastes great going down 

Cons: A bit pricey all things considered

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Muscle Building and Recovery Protein Powder

For anyone that needs to keep sugar intake down, then you need a protein powder like this one from Optimum Nutrition. It’s got a negligible amount of sugar as well as calories, with a good amount of protein in each serving to give you the juice you need during/after your workouts.

Best for: Low Sugar 

Pros: A ton of protein without all the calories in a very tasty package 

Cons: Some dairy in there that can add to the mass building you’re looking to avoid

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