Leg Exercise: Home Remedy For Thickening Thin Legs | Nick Rana


Leg Exercise: Home Remedy For Thickening Thin Legs | Nick Rana

Exercise is done at home and if done properly, it also gets the full benefit. Home remedies can get rid of all kinds of problems. 

Whether it is a home remedy to thicken the legs or any other problem, it can be easily solved by home remedies. In which all the methods are Ayurvedic and without any side effects. 

If we are worried about anything more, then it is necessary to go to their experts for that reason. It is important to increase the size of your feet if you go to the gym because if you are exercising more on the upper part of your body and not the legs, it increases the risk of injury. 

Half of our body is legs and half the torso, so it is very important to make them strong as well. If you go to the gym, do leg exercises twice a week.

Home exercises to thicken thin legs 

It is very important to do a Warm-up before doing any exercise. Warming up reduces the risk of good flexibility and any type of injury. 

In the warm-up, you can do jumping, running, sit-ups, circular rotation of the body, cycling, etc.

Jump high 

Separate your legs open-width until your thighs are parallel to the floor, then jump as high as you can. After the jump, bend your knees by 45 degrees when your feet rest on the ground. Stay in a sitting position for 1-2 seconds and then repeat this process again and again.

Walking lunges 

Reps: 12 each leg: set: 3; Rest: 30 seconds after each set 

How to do it: – Keep your right foot forward and rotate the knee of the left foot forward. Who can touch the duty Push forward with the heel of your right foot? This time keep your left foot forward.

Walking single-leg straight-leg deadlift reach 

Open your legs and place the arms of your hands on the thighs. And keep the right foot behind, while bowing the lower part of your abdomen and bend forward on your hips. Tilt your torso until you reach your opposite hand with joy. And came to the first position. And takes two steps forward. Then repeat it with the other leg.

Single-leg hip reggae 

left your arms at a 45-degree angle, place your left foot on the floor with that knee, your right leg straightens, raise your right leg until it is the same as your left thigh. Then bend your glutes and lift your hips up – your lower back will be elevated. Stop, and return to the starting position.

Lunge jumps 

Reps: 1 minute, Sets: 1; Rest: No rest, get in the right squat pulse. How to do it: Till your sub sun almost touches the ground, it moves forward. Jump into the air, bringing your back foot forward and front foot back. It spreads once more.

Single-leg box squat 

The finale is simple, but hard to complete without unstable legs: 10 straight minutes of optional one-leg box squats. Note the slow eccentric low movement, then spring back. Good luck walking the next day.

Box squat jump Jump 

box squats every 10 minutes for 10 minutes. This means you should set a time for 10 minutes. Then do 10 minutes daily every time a new minute starts. Rest after each set. In this, you repeatedly jump with your feet above the box and then come to the bottom surface, repeating this process again and again.

Crab walk 

It is quite easy to do this excise, but it will take a lot of hard work to do it. Sit on the floor with your feet slightly apart and knees bent in front of you. Place your hands on the floor behind your back. Prop your hips up, engaging/tightening your core, and balancing your entire body on your hands and feet. Starting moving forward, with your left hand and right foot moving at the same time.

This will make your feet faster and muscular. Do all these exercises and exercises regularly. If done correctly, your thin legs will quickly become fat. One should also walk on foot, there are a lot of benefits.

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