Health Benefits Of Makhanas And Why Should Eat Them Fox Nut!


Health Benefits Of Makhanas And Why Should Eat Them Fox Nut!

We’ve mostly come across makhanas as a fasting food but it is only recently that people are realizing that it makes for the perfect snack which can be flavored in different ways for variety.

Makhanas, also called fox nuts or lotus seeds in English are mostly consumed during fasting, thanks to their strong nutritional value. Makhanas is an extremely popular ingredient in various recipes and make for a perfect snack for everyone, including weight watchers.

Makhanas are low in cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fats and are good for your heart. They are a good source of magnesium, potassium, manganese, phosphorous, and protein. This high nutrition value of makhanas makes them a perfect and healthy snack.

Being low in calories, makhanas promote weight loss, while their high calcium content makes them good for bones. These are also good in controlling blood pressure, detoxification of the body, and improving digestive health.

In India, the state of Bihar is the largest producer of makhanas. Makhanas are derived from lotus seeds. Lotus develops seed pods, and each pod contains approximately 20 seeds that mature within 40 days. The seeds are then dried and roasted on high flames. The outer black shell breaks and the white puffs pop out. These seeds are what we call makhanas.

Not just this, here are health benefits of makhanas:

1. Maintains Kidney Health 

Makhana ensures kidney health by controlling the blood flow and regulating urination.

They detoxify and cleanse the spleen. It helps in flushing out all the toxins from the body.

2. Healthy Heart 

Makhana is are rich in vital nutrients like magnesium, protein, calcium, and carbohydrates. Fox nuts also have low sodium and fat content, which helps to regulate blood pressure.

3. Detoxifies Liver  

Our liver detoxifies our body by eliminating all the waste. Makhana helps the liver to function properly and enhance metabolism.

4. Good For Diabetic Patients 

Makhana help regulate blood sugar levels. They have low calorie and glycaemic indexes, which help diabetic patients to maintain their sugar levels.

5. Make Bones Strong 

Makhana is rich in calcium. Calcium improves bone and cartilage health, lubricates your bones and joints, and prevents degenerative bone diseases.

Consume fox nuts daily with milk to improve your bone health and density.

6. Weight Loss 

Makhana is low in cholesterol and calories and thus helps you maintain the perfect weight. Unlike other fried or packaged snack options, fox nuts do not add to weight issues.

7. Hormonal Balance 

Makhana help to maintain hormonal balance in your body.

During menstruation, makhanas help to keep those cravings in check and prevent overeating. They also help in dealing with premenstrual symptoms.

8. Keeps Digestive System Healthy 

Our body requires fiber for proper digestion. Makhana is packed with fiber, which ensures the smooth functioning of the digestive system.

If you suffer from digestive problems like constipation or hard stools, include fox nuts in your daily diet.

9. Good for Fertility  

Makhana maintains hormonal balance in our bodies.

They are great for female fertility and ensure the proper functioning of all female reproductive organs. Regular consumption of makhanas boosts female reproductive health.

10. Prevents Inflammation 

Makhana has a compound called ‘kaempferol’ that helps in minimizing inflammation in the body.

Regular use of fox nuts can help cure inflammation.

11. Prevents Ageing 

Makhana is loaded with antioxidants and amino acids, which prevent early aging. Antioxidants present in makhanas help to keep the skin healthy and glowing.


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