Questions That Will Heat Up Your Relationship Right Now Truth Or Dare | Nick Rana


Questions That Will Heat Up Your Relationship Right Now Truth Or Dare  | Nick Rana

The bedroom is one of the few places in a relationship where playing games is encouraged. So take advantage of it. If you and your S.O. have been stuck in a rut, or you're in a new fling and want to know more about your partner, head to the bedroom for a round (or three!) of truth or dare.

Since you're getting to know them more by asking prepared serious, deep, and exciting questions, and experimenting with different types of touching or kissing, Needle says a game of truth or dare is bound to help you master both sexual and emotional intimacy.

The key is asking the right questions (!!). Pro tip: Make sure to check in with your partner while playing to make sure they're feeling safe and comfortable answering the question or doing whatever the dare requires. 

Not sure where to start? WH has got you covered. When asking for truths, Needle recommends focusing on asking something that would spark vulnerability in your partner (think: "What are you most afraid of?"). Then, use the dare to build excitement, make each other laugh, and try something new. These questions should challenge you both to be more open and genuine with one another (while getting a little heated too!). Ahead, a list of truth or dare questions to get you started.


  • What have you always wanted to try but never have? 

  • What is your most treasured memory?

  • What is one question you don’t want me to ask you? 

  • Which item of clothing do you think I look sexiest in? 

  • Where do you think our most romantic kiss took place? 

  • Tell me everything you remember about it. What are you most afraid of? 

  • What is your biggest insecurity about our relationship? 

  • What were your exact thoughts we decided to DTR? 

  • What's your favorite thing for us to do together? 

  • What kind of food turns you on? 

  • What are two of your guilty pleasures? 

  • What's something I don't know about you? 

  • What did you think of our first date? 

  • What's a quality you want to change about yourself? 

  • Do you like telling me what to do in bed, or do you prefer to be told what to do? 

  • What's your favorite kind of foreplay? How have I changed since we got together? 

  • What do you love about me most? What's my weirdest habit? 

  • Are you where you thought you’d be 5 years ago? 

  • When did you first know you were attracted to me? 

  • When was the last time you cried? 

  • What was our funniest sex mishap? 

  • What's something you're looking forward to in our relationship? 

  • What's the best way to turn you on? 

  • Do you have a hidden talent I don't know about? 

  • What's your favorite sext that you've received from me? 

  • What's a place you fantasize about us having sex? 

  • How long did it take you to realize you wanted to be with me? 

  • If we were never going to see each other again, what would you say to me right now?


  • Dance to one song for me. Tell me something you've never told anyone before. 

  • Imitate me doing something you think is cute. Passionately kiss me. 

  • Describe the most exciting dream you've had about me. 

  • Play me a song you’d like to have sex to. 

  • Give me a massage anywhere you'd like. 

  • Text me a sexy photo from a different room. 

  • Draw your version of a perfect date night. 

  • Put your favorite topping (peanut butter, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, etc.) on your favorite parts of my body. Then, lick it off. 

  • Show me a sex toy you want us to use. 

  • Tell me something right now that you've been fantasizing about. 

  • Describe your ideal role-play scenario to me. 

  • Give me your best lap dance. 

  • Take off my top using only one hand. 

  • Tell me what you loved most about the last time we had sex. 

  • Without touching me, do something you think will turn me on. 


  • alk in your hottest accent. 

  • Take a shower with me and wash my body, making sure to hit all the good spots. 

  • Pretend I’m a stranger you met at a club. Now, try to pick me up and persuade me to come home with you. 

  • Find a way to give me goosebumps. 

  • But you can only use your fingers. 

  • Tell me what was going through your mind the first time we had sex. 

  • Eat a piece of fruit in the sexiest way possible. 

  • Act out the move that I do during sex that you absolutely love. 

  • Spell out a message on my body with your tongue. 

  • Make it short and sensual. 

  • Leave me a voice note with all the things you want to do to me tonight on it. 

  • Sing me the sexiest song that pops into your mind. 

  • Without speaking, demonstrate your favorite position we've done. 

  • Take off one article of my clothing using only your teeth. Blindfold me and then touch me with a random object until I guess what it is.


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