What are things one shouldn't do at the gym?

  1. Don’t have a creepy face. This is usually a guy problem. Yes, there are women walking around with amazing bodies wearing next to nothing. But don’t do that creepy stare thing from across the ring. If anything, have the courage to say hi. By the way, women get creepy face too. Trust me.
  2. Don’t waste your effing time. Find a good personal trainer. If you can’t afford one, hop on youtube and look up some fitness people with an education in the field.
  3. Don’t leave your crap everywhere. Pick up behind yourself. You’re an adult.
  4. Don’t leave sweat all over the equipment. Clean up behind yourself. Again, you’re an adult.
  5. Don’t be a total loner. Yes, be focused on your workout. But get to know people at your gym. You may be lifting next to your next best friend.

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