Curd is Healthy and Yummy? Curd Can Harm Your Health If Consumed In The Wrong Combinations


Curd is Healthy and Yummy? Curd Can Harm Your Health If Consumed In The Wrong Combinations

Curd is consumed by almost everyone, and some even believe that it’s superior to milk. Curd is rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein, making it very healthy for the body. However, even nutritious food can harm your health if consumed in the wrong combinations. This is also true for curd. 

Let us inform you that there are some food items, which, if consumed with curd, can be harmful to your health. 

Curd and Onion 

When curd and onion are consumed together, they cause allergies, gas, acidity, and even vomiting. The reason is that the curd has a cooling effect, while the onion is the opposite. As a result, combining these two foods harms our health. However, many of us inadvertently consume curd and onion together, especially in the summer. 

We should be aware that this habit is extremely harmful to our health and therefore we much avoid eating them together. 

Curd and Fish 

The combination of curd and fish also harms our health. This can cause indigestion as well as gas and acidity. As a result, when eating curd, avoid eating fish at the same time. Despite their benefits, consumed together, fish and curd may cause health issues. It can even cause skin problems.

Mango and Curd 

Mango is hot for your body, whereas curd offers a cooling effect. Consuming them both at the same time can result in skin issues and other complications. This is why mango should never be eaten with curd. 

Urad Dal 

Urad dal has a hot effect on your body. Hence, consuming curd with it may cause a variety of health issues. It can cause bloating, gas, and acidity, as well as loose motion. 

Curd and Milk 

Curd, as we all know, is made from milk. However, combining them harms our digestive system and may result in gas, acidity, and even vomiting.


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