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4 Ways to Boost Your Morning Metabolism-NICK RANA

4 Ways to Boost Your Morning Metabolism
We're all looking for ways to lose weight and build a little muscle. It's good for your health and it looks great. However, many of us are not doing the most important things to achieve these goals. 
One of the most important things you can do to lose weight and build muscle is to boost your metabolism - especially in the morning

The Issue

Far too many of us go straight for coffee in the morning, perhaps eat some toast or cereal, and go on with our day. There's nothing wrong with a routine, but if your routine is limiting your metabolism, then you're not moving closer towards your goals to get in shape.

The Solution

Boost your metabolism. For some reason, many people view metabolism and weight loss as a challenge, when truthfully, it's quite easy if you do it right

Get your morning metabolism going with these strategies:

1. Balance your pH. One of the most overlooked aspects to health and fitness programs is the pH balance. You …

Use This Innovative Training To Create Huge Muscles In Three Days-NICK RANA

INSTRUCTIONSDo each routine once a week (A, Monday, B, Wednesday, and C, Friday, for example). Start with 10 minutes of warm-up. Add one for abdomen at the beginning or end of each routine. Do the exercises in the order shown; rests just enough to perform the following routine correctly: about two minutes for the heavier sets (three to six repetitions) and 60 to 90 seconds for those with eight repetitions or more.
Standing, place a bar on your shoulders, hold it with the palms of your hands facing the ceiling and your elbows parallel to the floor. Bend your knees and push your hips back until your thighs are also parallel to the floor. Return to the initial position and repeat. Five series of three repetitions. SHOULDER PRESS  Standing, hold a pair of dumbbells at shoulder height, your palms should look at each other. Bend your knees a little and, explosively, straighten your knees at the same time you stretch your arms up. Return to the starting position. Three serie…

A Foolproof Formula to Speed Up Weight Loss-NICK RANA

A Foolproof Formula to Speed Up Weight Loss!
Why does the scale move so slowly when you're trying to lose weight? If you've hit a plateau or you just want the motivation that comes with seeing significant results each week, there are ways to accelerate your weight loss.

Shape up faster without wasting money on products that make deceptive claims or give you caffeine jitters. Try these safe and natural methods for slimming down.

Changing the Way You Eat:

1. Limit sweets. Sugary foods are often high in calories and they trigger cravings that make you want more. Satisfy your sweet tooth with something more nourishing like fruit or yogurt with cinnamon.

2. Downsize your portions. On the other hand, creating forbidden foods can increase the temptation to indulge. Treating yourself to a small slice of cake may help you to avoid overdoing it later.

3. Drink more water. Studies show that even though diet soda has no calories, it may slow down your metabolism and make you want to eat more …

A Foolproof Weight Loss Formula for Cheese Lovers-NICK RANA

A Foolproof Weight Loss Formula for Cheese Lovers
Cheese may be healthier than you think. Evidence keeps growing about the nutritional benefits of cheese, and there are ways to enjoy it that are less fattening than a double cheeseburger.

If you've been cutting back on cheese because you're trying to lose weight and protect your health, it may be time to go back to eating the foods you love. Take a look at the latest news about cheese and how to make it part of a balanced diet.

Health Benefits of Cheese:

1. Protect your heart. While cheese is a major source of saturated fat and sodium, it may actually be good for your heart because of the way its molecules work together. Calcium appears to keep some harmful fatty acids from breaking down.

* At the same time, full fat dairy products contain a fatty acid called Palmitoleate that is known to neutralize the effects of saturated fatty acids, fight inflammation, and reduce the risk of diabetes.

2. Build your bones. You probably know that …

How to Say Goodbye to Your Love Handles for Good-NICK RANA

How to Say Goodbye to Your Love Handles for Good-NICK RANA
Love handles sound cute, but most adults who have them want to get rid of them. They're the stubborn excess fat that gathers on the sides of your waist and hips. If you try to cover them up, they can spill over the top of your pants and give you a muffin top.

That extra weight is an issue for both men and women.

When you try to slim down, you're likely to find that your love handles will be the last place to budge. On the one hand, it's a victory to see your cheekbones and shed the deeper abdominal fat that's been linked to heart conditions and diabetes. On the other hand, you still want a trimmer waist.

With enough patience and effort, you can say goodbye to your love handles. Try these ideas for changing the way you eat and work out.

Dieting to Lose Your Love Handles

If you're storing extra body fat, what you do in the kitchen is even more important than what you do in the gym. Put together an eating plan you …

Active Rest What Is It and How Can You Benefit From It-NICK RANA

Active Rest What Is It and How Can You Benefit From It
If you work out, you've probably heard about rest and recovery. You may also be wondering what's the difference between the two and how can you use the concept to make your workouts more effective.

The major difference is the level of activity. Rest days are just what they sound like. You might lie around on your couch watching movies or just avoid doing anything strenuous. Active rest, or active recovery, days mean you engage in exercise, but it's significantly less intense than your usual workouts.

Both passive and active rest days are important for your wellbeing.

Discover how to recuperate and use your time between gym sessions to help you reach your fitness goals.

Benefits of Rest and Recovery:

1. Prevent injuries. Taking time off reduces the risk of accidents and overuse injuries. You're giving your body a chance to heal between workouts and replenish its energy. You're also fighting mental fatigue.

2. Reduce …

How to Lose Weight Without Ruining Your Social Life- NICK RANA

Maybe you find it easy to stick to your diet when you're at home, but parties and eating out throw you off track. Suddenly, you're surrounded by temptations. You want to have fun with your family and friends instead of thinking about counting calories and measuring portions.
You can make healthy choices while enjoying a social life. However, you'll have a difficult time keeping weight off unless you're able to keep your goals in sight when you're out in public.

Try these ideas to help you turn your family and friends into allies and prepare for many of the most common challenging situations.

Dealing with Your Family and Friends:

1. Ask for help. Experts say that social support is one reason why groups like Weight Watchers have so many success stories. Let your loved ones know what kind of practical and emotional assistance you need. You may want to join an official support group too, especially if you're losing significant amounts of weight.

2. Team up. You probabl…

How to Lose More Fat, Faster and Safer- NICK RANA

Take a moment to think back to the last time you tried to diet. Did you start off by drastically limiting your intake of food, or maybe by reducing your intake of carbs or fats? 

Far too many people who decide to lose weight immediately start to make drastic changes to their diet and lifestyle without thinking about the best possible, most well-researched methods for weight loss. 
For your best results, your weight loss process needs to be safe, effective, and even fun and engaging to commit to.

The Problem With Most Weight Loss Programs

Maybe you thought about how hard this process of losing weight was going to be and decided that you would try a weight loss program. The only issue that these programs have is they are generally not specific to the person - in this case, you. 

Yes, generally eating in moderation with nutritious foods can lead to weight loss ? but in some cases, it may only be a short-term fix to a long-term goal.

In order for you to make sustainable weight loss, your dieta…

A Foolproof Formula for Refreshing Your Workouts-NICK RANA

Perhaps you were gung-ho when you started your gym membership, but now you're feeling a little stale. As you become bored with exercising, you start slacking off and skipping sessions. To get back on track, make things more interesting.
Refresh your motivation by changing the way you work out. Experimenting with new places and methods is a foolproof formula for making fitness more fun.

Change How You Work Out:

1. Try different activities. The most obvious answer is to mix up your routine. Swim laps or take a spin class instead of going for your usual run. Trade in your free weights for kettlebells or ask an instructor how to use an unfamiliar machine.
2. Train in intervals. You may have heard about the benefits of high intensity interval training where you alternate between gentle and more vigorous movements. See what happens when you do your usual activities at a different pace.

3. Find a buddy. Invite someone to join you. Working out with a friend gives you a chance to socialize and…

12 Surprising Reasons Why You Overeat-NICK RANA

Overeating can have many causes, but they all produce the same result. You gain weight and feel like you're out of control.
While you may be blaming yourself for lacking willpower or not trying hard enough, there could be something else at work. The real reasons why you eat more than you intend may surprise you, and many of them are relatively easy to fix.

There are many common lifestyle habits that tend to undermine a healthy diet. Take a look at this list to find out which things you'll want to do differently.

Dealing with Eating Habits That Make You Overindulge:

1. Be flexible. You may think you're being virtuous for starting a super-strict diet but being too rigid can backfire. Allowing yourself a few treats can keep you from feeling so deprived that you wind up eating a whole pizza.

2. Shrink your menu. On the other hand, planning your meals and snacks around a limited number of healthy foods can help you eat less. The lack of variety dampens your appetite.

3. Eat mindfull…