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Proteins is important?

If you want to know the importance of protein, it is the building blocks of cells. A chain of amino acids makes up the protein in the body that is essential when it comes to cell repair and regeneration. Without it, your body simply would not have the cells to function. Only complete proteins contain all nine amino acids. If you want to remain healthy and strong, whey protein will provide your cells with the proteins they need to heal, repair and regenerate.
Facilitating the Growth of Lean Muscle Tissue – Working out is not enough on its own to achieve the body that you want. In fact, when you push yourself hard at the gym, you are damaging your muscles with microtears without even noticing. Fibrils made up of protein are responsible for repairing these microtears which, in turn, results in leaner and stronger muscles. You can get the protein you need for the process to work efficiently with whey protein. Controlling Blood Sugar – Protein-rich foods are broken down in the body efficien…

The best protein food

You Must Know

Protein builds your body. It creates muscle. It controls hunger. It's a win-win! Whether your goal is weight loss or muscle building, eating enough protein is key, but so is variety, since each kind has its own amino acid profile. Go beyond chicken and protein powder with these great high-protein foods. Eating a protein-rich diet can help people lose weight because it can help them avoid overeating. A high protein diet can help build lean muscle when combined with exercise. Lean muscle helps to burn more calories throughout the day, which can also help with weight loss. No doubt about it, protein is good for you -- and can even help you shed those unwanted pounds. But (and you knew there was a "but," right?), it's important to eat the right amount and the right kind of protein to get the lifelong weight-loss results you want. Here are 10 terrific sources of lean protein: 1. Fish 2. Seafood 3. Skinless, white-meat poultry 4. Lean beef (including tenderlo…

Best Protein Food

Black Beans - Legumes are a great source of protein. Black beans are a popular source of protein and fiber that are very filling and also contain antioxidants. Black beans contain 22 grams of protein per 100 grams.2. Tofu - Tofu is a source of vegetarian protein made from soy beans. Tofu is an excellent source of protein, iron, and calcium, containing 10 grams of protein in every half cup of tofu, coming in at only 94 calories.
3. Broccoli - A surprisingly good source of protein is broccoli. This cruciferous vegetable full of vitamins, fiber, and phytonutrients contains 4.2 grams of protein in every 50 calorie serving.
4. Hummus - Made from chickpeas and tahini, hummus is a delicious addition to any meal that contains fiber and healthy fats, including 8 grams of protein in every 100 gram serving.
5. Almonds - Almonds contain tons of healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Almonds have 6 grams of protein in every 1 ounce serving.

5 Things To Keep In Mind For Healthy Weight Loss

1. A Big 'NO' To Packed And Processed Foods Processed foods are anything that are boxed or packed or sealed. They contain preservatives that are known to increase their shelf life. But these preservatives do nothing good to our health and body. In fact, they could cause obesity in some people as they contain fatty acids, especially in processed foods. You must always choose to eat whole and clean foods like fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and seeds. 2. Say Hello To High Protein And Carb-Rich Foods  Adding more protein to your diet will not only help you lose weight, but will also strengthen your muscles. Health experts recommend including some amount of proteins, complex carbohydrates and fats in our daily diet. But, make sure that all these nutrients must be derived from natural and wholesome sources like eggs, fish, chicken and pulses are good sources of proteins, whereas potatoes, milk and other dairy products are excellent sources of carbs. 3. Cut Your Salt And Sug…

What are the benefits of doing squats?

The Benefits of doing Heavy Squats
ever skip leg day! Keep Your Squats low and your standards high!
Squats: If you’re looking for the perfect exercise to fit into your workout regime, then look no further. Because of its all-round benefits, it really is the mother of all exercises. The squat is one of my favourite exercises and in this answer I will tell you why. So, if you think squats are only for building strong legs, let me prove you wrong! Squats work your whole body Everyone knows squats are great for working your leg muscles. But the truth is, they will build muscle in your entire body. You will not only work your quadriceps, your hamstrings, your calves, your adductors and your glutes. You’ll need your upper-body to support and balance the bar too. To perform a heavy squat you’ll have to use your abs, your back, your shoulders and your arms to stabilize and lift the weight. By doing squats, you’ll be getting more than an awesome core workout. A while ago I was doing the Strongl…

Bulletproof Your Shoulders and Back With Face Pulls

A broad back and strong shoulders can be some of the most important components to a healthy body—but the muscle groups can be tough to work, since your shoulder joints are delicate mechanisms. Far too many guys wind up out of the gym with shoulder injuries after pushing themselves beyond their capacities, so it pays to train smart. Enter the face pull. The move is one of those underrated exercises you're probably not doing often—or at all. But you should definitely be making it a part of your regular upper-body routine because of it's simplicity and effectiveness, and it also makes a great warmup to bulletproof your shoulders. You probably do a lot of pushing exercises at the gym (think: bench presses and pushups), so the face pull is a great way to balance all of that pushing out with some pulling. The move is easier to perform than pullups, and safer for your shoulder joints than many other back and shoulder options. You'll work your traps, rear delts, rotator cuffs, an…

In what ways can a person improve their health in a year?

Quitting smokingCutting down or cutting out completely drinking alcoholUsing mindfulness once or twice a dayRemoving negative and toxic people from your lifeCutting the time you spend online— get rid of some of your social media accounts, keep one or two. Unfollow photoshopped celebrities etc. Avoid posting publicly with trolls and keep your friends list/followers list to strictly people you know. Your urge to join in the competition of life online will cutdown. You won't compare yourself so much and you will have more spare time to do things to enjoy and you will avoid massive amounts of negativity, drama and stress.Declutter your home and get rid of any of your ex's things that serve as an unhealthy reminder. Decluttering will also help you find your things a little easier. Buying storage units and boxes will help put things out of sight.Make more effort to walk instead of driving. Wake up earlier to walk to work or walk home. When you just go to the corner shop that is 3 mi…

What is the most weight a slightly overweight person can safely lose in a week?

Hi I have lost 7 kg in 7 days, by doing this extreme diet. Breakfast : 3 boiled eggs (between 8 to 9 am) Lunch : 1 Bowl oats (Between 12 to 1) Now, the oats have to be cooked in water and not oil I have mentioned the procedure of making oats in this answer Dinner : 1 glass milk without gud(jaggery) or Sugar (Between 8 to 9 pm) But the catch is, it is extremely tough and will take you time to master it I started with doing it for once a week, then twice, then thrice and then took it 7 days a week I was 120 when I started, I did this diet for 7 days when I had reached 100 kg and then I went to 93. Then I did normal dieting and exercise and reached my ideal weight. if your reason to lose weight is strong enough, then you will get through, otherwise it will be really tough Stay Fit | Stay Healthy